Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Olive's Song

We first heard Olive's Song written for 'Olive' the Dachshund by Eric Watson on the home page at Dodgerslist, your resource for intervertebral disc disease. A few days ago, a video of the song with photos of Olive was released on youtube. Enjoy it here, it's a beautiful song, and Olive is a beautiful girl.

But wait, there's more! Barb Techel of Joyful Paws has just interviewed Olive's mom, and you can read all about Olive and find out more about the song. Don't miss it.


cheyne923 said...

I just melted watching the Olive video--the uplifting visuals at the end really got to me and Jeeves loved the song. Usually he barks at noise from the computer but he was resting quietly through the whole thing. And then I had to give him a big hug! Thanks so much for sharing this, Joey, Maggie and Carson...
Melinda and Jeeves

ihearthounds said...

Very sweet! Thank you for spotlighting an extra special doxie like Olive. She's a doll for sure! Also, we will definitely check out Barb's interview.

Your Friends,
The Rebound Hounds
A Blog Devoted To Disabled Dogs

Three Dogs Long said...

Oh, what a beautiful video! Olive reminds me of our Schatzi! (who is recovering from back surgery!)

(((hugs))) and thank you for posting Olive's song!

Oskar, Schatzi & Xena

Anonymous said...

This is Olive's Mommy. I'm so glad you found Olive's video. We wanted to share it with everyone so they could see that life goes even with a disability. We love little Olive so much. Thanks for spreading the word!

Jill Watson

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