Friday, January 16, 2009

25 Dachshunds Rescued From Georgia Home

25 dachshunds were rescued from an elderly woman's home, and will be available for adoption as early as next Monday at the Okefenokee Humane Society in Waycross, Georgia. Apparently her late husband bred the dachshunds, and she kept them as pets after he died. Excerpt from

"Most of them had mange, but overall they were in good shape and well fed," Lori Hartman, humane society director, told the Times-Union.
"She loves them," she said. "But it was a lot for her to keep [up] with. She just got overwhelmed."
Hartman said the woman isn't being charged because she voluntarily surrendered the dogs. Under the supervision of social workers, she has cleaned up her home. The humane society allowed her to keep two of the dogs. It is working with her to get them spayed and neutered, Hartman said.

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Bonnie said...

Seems like the lady did the best she could but the situation really got away from her. I'm touched that the little hounds were protective of their owner when help arrived and glad they let her keep two,

Yvette said...

I have helped clean up hoarder situations and they are more sad than one would think. The owner usually really loves the dogs, and aren't harming them out of meanness or spite for the dogs.
I'm glad they let her keep two, as well.

Damiana said...

I wish I lived in the States so I could keep one... And maybe take them to visit the lady.

Kristin said...

DREAM Dachshund Rescue took in 6 of the dogs. Other rescues are also taking as many as they can. The 6 we took were all sweet-natured, so I don't think they were ever mistreated. But they were VERY thin, had almost no hair, lots of scabs all over, and in such poor general health the vet recommended we wait 2 weeks to spay/neuter them. What is especially challenging, is now all our foster homes are full, and we are having to turn down other pleas for help. And the cycle goes on.

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