Thursday, January 8, 2009

Beautiful Dachshund Photos

(click image to enlarge)

Meet our handsome friend, 14-year-old red longhair 'Darby.' You may have heard of Darby before, as he's the dachshund who owns Moira McLaughlin, of Dog Art Today, a website devoted to daily dog art from around the world. Darby is also the dog in the Kevin Costner Dachshund Connection.
Darby just got his own photoshoot with photographer Grace Chon, and as you can see, the results were fantastic! See 6 nice photos, and read all about the shoot at Dog Art Today, don't miss it! It's great fun to read how Darby reverted to complete puppyhood with the photographer.


Moira said...

Awwww...Thanks, Maggie and Joey. We are honored : )

Anonymous said...

I love Darby's frosted face!!

Gayle roy said...

I have a beautiful dachshund named Tiki. something in common with Adele, my fave singer of all time.

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