Sunday, January 1, 2012

You Know It's A New Year When The Dachshunds Come Out In Key West

Dian Story holds Molly the "New Year's Eve Party Animal."

As sure as that big ball will drop in New York City, the Dachshunds will parade in Key West, Florida on New Year's Eve.  And that's what happened yesterday as some 227 Dachshunds strolled through Key West's historic Old Town for the 7th Annual Event.  Many long dogs donned costumes:  one was dressed as a Green Bay Packers cheerleader, another "newshound" wore a video camera, a "horse" carried a cowboy doll on its back and one came dressed as a bright green iguana complete with a 3-foot-long tail.
Esme O'Kelly carries her dog Duna, costumed as an iguana.

Emil Loether cradles his
Dachshunds Winnie (L), and Chloe, both dressed as Green Bay Packers cheerleaders.

Photos:  Yahoo News


Jayne D. and AnnieBelle said...

How cute these girls are!! Love their Packer's colors green and yellow skirts!! Kindly, Jayne and Annie

Jayne D. and AnnieBelle said...

That iguana looks kind of chubby!!
Very cute!! Those folks in Key West know how to have a good time, and they sure love their doxies!!

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