Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Note About Chicken Jerky - Watch Your Sources

We received a comment yesterday to please post about dogs who are getting sick from eating chicken jerky which seems to be sourced from China.  We have been around for nearly five years now, and have refrained from posting about dog food recalls, etc., simply because there are other websites dedicated to the cause, and we tend to think that our readers are well-informed on such subjects. 
Regardless, the illnesses from chicken jerky sourced from China has been going on for several years now, and people keep buying it, and dogs keep getting sick, so maybe just a little more information on the subject is necessary.  Smaller dogs seem to be at a higher risk for the illness.
Our best advice would be to go to your cabinets, check all your treats, and check all your dog food, and throw away anything made in China.  Read packages carefully, because the company may be American, but often the ingredients are sourced from China.  If you're not sure, just throw it out, and make sure to buy American next time, or local to where you live.  Or, you could even make your own homemade chicken jerky, like what's in the photo above - find the recipe at dogtipper.
Read and watch a video about a 10-year-old Pug from Westlake, Ohio, who just became another statistic at Fox8.  Keep up with the latest news about chicken jerky issues at AskAVetQuestion, who states that the FDA has now announced that they are investigating 353 reports of dogs getting sick after eating chicken jerky.  
Don't be the next statistic.


Anonymous said...

There was problems in Canada also with dog products from China. They taint the food with melamine. They also had tainted milk and was told to dispose of it and it showed back up in yogurt and baby foods. Some of their rice is also tainted as the run offs from the mines are going into the paddy fields. I stay away from every thing from China.

s said...

Thank you for this information! We have heard about this but it's shocking how many folks haven't. (we don't do chicken cause 4 out of 5 here are allergic)
Love the blog!
The Columbus OH wiener crew

Anonymous said...

thanks for the post---1 sick dog is too many....cant wait to make my own jerky!

Amy said...

I had no idea and will be checking my pet food/treat labels carefully. Thank you for posting.

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