Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Longfellow, The Local Church Mascot

The Rev. Charles Strietelmeier, pastor of Augustana Lutheran Church in Hobart, with church mascot, 'Longfellow.'

As the Augustana Lutheran Church in Hobart, Indiana, celebrates its 150th Anniversary, they reveal their handsome mascot - red smooth 'Longfellow.'  No wonder the church has been around such a long time.  Thanks to our pals 'Turbo' and 'Lily' for writing in with the link:

Dear Joey and Rowdy,

While we longdogs usually hang out in low places, some hold very high positions.
Take Longfellow, can you imagine the responsibility that comes with being a
church mascot? No howling at the choir, keep the leg down at all times, the
list is endless. Not that we dachshunds would ever do anything wrong...or
actually NEED to go to church, but something like this just might get us
off  the couch on Sunday morning!

May peace be with you,
Turbo and Lily


Anonymous said...

a low dog in high places...I like it!

hey Longfellow...Baron sends you a "woof"!

Anonymous said...

Longfellow is gorgeous. And, oddly enough, kind of the same color as the pews!

Hugs, Melinda in McLean

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