Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Look What The Cat Did

It's another "so glad you're home" photo making the rounds via funnydogsite.

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Mrs Consequence said...

I'm hoping this is staged. Someone about to put their couch to the curb,trashing it for the photo.Yeah, it's funny but might deter a possible adoption.

Anonymous said...

Not so. Canadian Dachshund Rescue had a pup they had adopted out who trashed the sofa. A pic of him sitting smack in the middle of all the stuffing from sofa was put up on their web site of "adopted". His new mom and dad loved him just the same. He was given the nick name "Destroyer of Sofas. The pic was too funny.

Alicia said...

Darn cats, you cannot trust them.


Doris said...

Gotta love 'em!

Linda said...

I'm sorry for the nonbelievers, I had 1 dachshund named Wolfgang who destroyed the corner of the couch. He was punishing for leaving the house. My other 2 dachshunds slept through the whole thing.I know it was Wolfgang because he had part of the threads stuck between his front teeth. When I came home my other 2 dachshunds greeted me, but Wolfgang was nowhere in site. N0,I didn't spank him. When he finally showed his face I pointed to the corner of the couch and he put his head down in shame with blue threads sticking out between his front teeth. It had to be the most pathetic site I have ever seen. I had to hug him. I know he got the message, dachshunds are very smart.

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