Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ohio Wirehair Recovers From Coyote Attack

Thanks so much to our friend 'Clancy' for sending in the link to this story.  Meet 'Madison,' a pretty little 7-year-old wirehair who was rescued from a filthy home just 4 years ago.  Last week she was attacked by a pack of coyotes at about midnight in the backyard of her Westerville, Ohio home.  Excerpt from 10 TV News:

"I continued to holler and then all of a sudden she came out of the woods," Powers said. "At that point she was absolutely covered in blood."
Powers rushed Madison to MedVet, where emergency surgery saved the dog's life.
"Madison had surgery this morning to explore the open chest wound, have a chest drain placed, have neck wounds explored to make sure no vital structures in the neck were damaged," said veterinarian Dr. Anna Crosby.
"You know, I would tease her that I couldn't switch out the laundry, or go to the bathroom without her following me," Powers said. "But I just can't even begin to tell you what I would give for her to follow me into the kitchen or even the bathroom. I would be tickled to death."

Get well soon Madison.  Read more and watch a video at 10 TV News.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Get Well Soon Madison and stay out of the woods, it's dangerious in there for a small dog!!!

Thanks Joey and Maggie for posting this. I always thought that coyotes didn't travel in packs as wolves do. Thanks for educating me on that.

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