Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Dog That WAS Just For Christmas

Was he even given a chance?  This 7-week old Dachshund mix puppy at the Cheshire Dogs Home in Warrington, England, needs a new home. Hundreds of dogs and cats were abandoned in Britain over the holidays - due in part to both the recession and people changing their mind about "Christmas presents."  Read more and see more pics of this cutie at The Daily Mail. 


Anonymous said...

Its sad this happens all the time at Xmas. People should be involved in the adoption process prior to receiving a gift of a life. People get puppies not realizing the time (and potty training), money and commitement. They should also do their research on what breed and size best fits their lifestyle. A good way to know if you are ready for a life commitment is to offer Fostering a Pup from a SPCA or Rescue Group. Its a good experience and helps a pup in need too.

Haley said...

If I lived in England, I would give this baby a home! Sadly, I live in the U.S all the way across the Atlantic ocean.

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