Monday, January 11, 2010

Las Vegas Dachshund Dog Succombs To Ant Poison

It's with a heavy heart that we report the passing of 'Heidi,' a 10-pound 5-year-old red smooth from Las Vegas, Nevada, who died from ant spray poisoning after the holidays.  Excerpt from the Mesquite Local News:

When the tree comes down and the cookies and candy are gone – what's left?
Here in the desert you might have some uninvited guests, by the thousands, referred to as the domestic ANT!
Heidi's human had sprayed her house after the holidays to eliminate her unwanted guests.
After a few days, the ants returned, so a heavy spray was then applied.
Heidi and her sibling were playing as normal, when later the owner realized she wasn’t being herself.
She immediately visited her vet, who examined Heidi.
Not long after her owners left the vet’s office, a phone call came – Heidi had gone into convulsions and passed.

Rest in Peace little one.  Read more at the Mesquite Local News.

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Anonymous said...

Oh no. That is so sad.

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