Monday, January 25, 2010

Dachshunds On Ice

Photo Source:  Detroit Free Press

Does this Dachshund look familiar?  He should!  We'll give you a hint:  he's a deaf and blind rescue, and he hails from Michigan.  Still no takers?  One more hint:  his nose knows. 
If you guessed 'Rudolph,' you are correct, sir!  As we recall, Rudolph was featured on the NBC nightly news in December, promoting his message about disability awareness.  This last weekend, he was immortalized in ice at the Plymouth Ice Festival in Plymouth, Michigan.  His presence at the festival was touted in Hometown Life before the event:

His likeness is meant to delight passersby and send them a serious message as well.
“We're telling people to do adoptions rather than shop,” explained Pam Sordyl, founder of the Northville-based Puppy Mill Awareness Meetup of Southeastern Michigan.
The group's public education campaign teaches about the origins of pet store puppies and lobbies for stronger laws and regulations for animal breeding.
Last year the organization commissioned a carver to create a bulldog in ice and they attended the festival for the first time.
“This year we have Rudolph. He's a puppy mill survivor and is doing good deeds,” said Sordyl, referring to Rudolph's visits, with owner Marcia Fishman, to schools throughout southeastern Michigan.

Read more at Hometown Life.

Photo:  Amanda Kraft Photography;  Ice Sculpture:  Ice Concepts, Inc.

Can't get enough?  Jenny and Rob were married last year in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  This is their beloved Dachshund 'Leo,' immortalized for the event.

Brrrrr.  Excuse us while we go and put on our sweaters. 

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