Monday, July 20, 2009

Vancouver Wiener Champ

Thirty-two Long and Lows competed for a $1,000 purse at a showdown on Saturday in Vancouver, Canada, with the first ever Dachshund races to take place at Hastings Race Course.
Congratulations goes out to the champ, 2.5-year-old red smooth 'Joey,' pictured here with his human Nancy Green. Of special note in this race are the antics of 'Jasmine':

So it is fitting that one of the highlights of the day was the first race when Jasmine, a black mini, bolted from the gate and then proceeded to run around the entire track with track officials and her two owners frantically chasing her.
When Jasmine was finally caught after completing the half-mile course, the crowd erupted in cheers.
"I had to chase my dog around the freaking track," said an exhausting Brenda English of Burnaby.
Read all about it and see some nice pics at The Vancouver Sun.

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