Monday, July 6, 2009


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Originally published in the American Dachshund Magazine, August, 1970.

Missy calls me Heidi-
I'm human as can be-
Though some misguided persons
Still think I'm D-O-G!

I've even taught my Missy tricks-
She's smart - as you can see-
If I stand at the door, she's learned
To open it for me!

At dinner time, it's lots of fun
To sit and watch her face-
As she ignores my presence there
And stares out into space.

But when at last I catch her eye-
Down falls her citadel!
She can't resist that pleading act
That I put on so well.

And yet some think me canine!
How stupid can they get?
I've trained more humans to do tricks
Than they have dogs, I'll bet!

Though I speak People language
With a strange enunciation,
I always seem to get results-
And that's communication!

Words are not always needed-
Sometimes a glance will do;
So why this need for People talk
To prove I'm human, too?

Author's note:

My rhythm may be rocking
And my typing leave you cold!
But please don't judge me harshly-
I am only five years old.

1970 photo source unknown.
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joy marshall said...

I have a 17 year old doxie (Skye) who is active as she was at 10 years old. Her cousin (Tess) who we got at the same time as Skye lived to be 14 years old. Both dogs blew their back discs at 3 years old and each had emergency surgery, Even though it was expensive (we could afford it at the time, they have never had any problems after they recovered. They jumped down from steps, couches, etc. At 9 years old we moved from Virginia to Nevada to a yard with grass, fencing and acreage,they ran their tails off. They have always swam in our swimming pools. Think hard before you put them down because of disc problems, these have been the best dogs we have ever had. JDM

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