Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dachshunds in Fashion: Vera Neumann

Photo Source: Design Sponge

Who? Vera Neumann (July 24, 1910 - June 15, 1993), was an American artist and designer who created brightly coloured scarves, bedroom and kitchen linens, draperies and sportswear that bore her name. In 1972 the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. mounted an exhibit of her designs.
Our pal, red smooth tweenie 'Michael' writes:

Dear Joey and Maggie,

I was reading a post on Design Sponge about artist/designer Vera Neumann and there is a lovely black-and-white photo of her working on a screenprint in her studio with what looks to me to be a long-haired doxie sitting on the table observing. I'm not sure if it's her dog or not, and there's no mention of the dog in the photo caption, so I don't know if it merits a post, but I thought you'd at least get a kick out of the picture.

Hey, thanks Michael! While we couldn't find any source to confirm without a reasonable doubt that Vera Neumann was owned by a Dachshund, the artist and hound certainly look familiar with each other in the photo. We can't imagine that any random wiener dog would be allowed on the workspace, so we're going to go ahead and label Vera Neumann: DACHSHUND LOVER.

Besides, this vintage Vera scarf pretty much seals the deal.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Vera had several Dachshunds throughout her life.

Moira said...

I love this photo. I linked to it on my blog today.

Isla Tula-CelestĂșn said...

Carole Lombard and dapper dachshund!

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