Monday, July 27, 2009

Dachshund News Roundup!

Proving once again that National Hot Dog Month is really all about the Dachshund, here's a Dachshund News Roundup on a beautiful summer day, Monday, July 27, 2009. Can we get a woof?! Above....they grow the sausages big in Kentucky, as evidenced by red shaded smooth 'Buck,' a 50-pound monster who raced at Evansville's Ellis Park Race Course on Saturday. Buck came in last in his heat, but we're sure that what he lacked in speed, he made up for in respect from the other Dachshunds. Congrats goes out to 'Gizmo' for taking the crown. Read all about the event and see some nice pics at The Gleaner.

Wiener Haters? Who doesn't love the Wienermobile? Hawaii, apparently. After a wienermobile commenced a 3-week tour of the islands, a nonprofit group called Outdoor Circle said the Wienermobile violates a recently enacted state law that bars vehicles used primarily to advertise or promote a service or product. Oscar Mayer says it did nothing wrong; they did not know about the ban, they completed all the paperwork for the visit, and the Honolulu mayor even honored the rolling sausage on July 2nd, declaring an official Oscar Mayer Wiener Day. Read all about the beef at the Honolulu Advertiser. Thanks to our pal 'Clancy' for the story tip!

Can't you just feel the anticipation in this photo? This was the scene at the 5th annual West Virginia Hot Dog Festival on Saturday at Pullman Square in Huntington, West Virginia. Thousands enjoyed wiener dog races, a Bun Run 5K, a hot dog eating contest and a root beer chugging contest at the event. See a super gallery of photos at the Herald-Dispatch.

And finally, in rescue news, do you remember the six sickly Dachshunds that were dumped at Furrytale Farm animal shelter about 6 weeks ago on Bainbridge Island in Washington state? They are now looking for forever homes. What's especially sad about this case is that a veterinarian has determined the females had never had litters, so it's not thought that they came from a puppy mill at this point, and yet were in such poor health. The vet bill for these six came to $12,000. Warning, the video is hard to watch. Read more at Q13 Fox News.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Joey and Maggie, thanks as always for all the great stories you find and post each and every day. I look forward to reading The Long and Short of it each day. Although it is always sad to read about and view the dachsies such as those at Furrytale farms, it is important to share this news so viewers of this blog can share it with even more people and hopefully find forever homes.

Ruby and Penny said...

Those poor sweeties. We hope they find some great forever homes.
Love Ruby & Penny
PS - Buck is one large wienie.

Kalyxcorn said...

Fifty pounds!!! Now that's a knockwurst doggie! Thanks for all your wonderful stories, both sad and happy!!! Hugs to Joey & Maggie! - Baxter

Anonymous said...

I found this a very hard video to watch. If they were in the U.K. I would have had one. Best wishes to the little sweethearts.........

Stacey Jessee Glenn said...

I was at the races at Ellis and have a few pictures of Buck. He sure was one big weenie! LOL!!

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