Friday, July 24, 2009

Those Special Dachshunds: Meet Chloe!

Look how happy this sweet smooth girl is with her ball! She's in heaven! Her humans, B and Tony, write:

Hi Joey & Maggie !

I've attached a picture of our 4 year old little girl named 'Chloe.' We live in Northern New Jersey where summer is in and Chloe gets to run around with the ball in her mouth until she is so tired that she collapses at night. Don't let the playful looks fool you, she can be a true menace sometimes :)

Thanks so much for sending in her nice photo!


Anonymous said...

She's a sweetie-pie.

Jamie said...

I can't decide what's cuter, Chloe or the funny doormat. jk. Love the doormat, and Chloe is a doll.

Cole said...

She is just adorable!

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