Friday, July 31, 2009

Adding A Second Dog

Meet handsome wirehair puppy 'Connor,' the second dog to be adopted by a family in New Zealand. It's a tough decision to decide on adding another dog to a household, or at least it's something not to take lightly. For us personally, having 2 of us around has worked out great; we adore each other. We keep each other company while Dad is at work, and we love to gang up on him and play tricks - he's outnumbered! As long as we remember that he's our pack leader, the only thing Dad really complains about is the price of our vet bills, so it really comes down to just a monetary issue sometimes for some - veterinary medicine is quite expensive these days. But we're so worth it!
So back to Connor. His humans had a lot of similar concerns about adding a second dog to the household, and how has it turned out? Quote: It's magic! If you're one of the few Dachshund Lovers out there with just one Doxie, and are thinking about getting another, check out the article about Connor at Stuff.


Kalyxcorn said...

What a cutie! where can I get a moustache like that! Hi Joey & Maggie!! - Baxter

Anonymous said...

I have always had more than one at a time..the most was six! Currently I have Zippy and Wellington. Sadly we lost Woody to pancreatitis in January.

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