Tuesday, July 14, 2009

MUSHROOM ALERT: Wet Season Spawns Deadly Mushrooms

A wet season near Confier, Colorado (and all over the country!) has produced a heavy year for mushrooms, which can be poisonous to dogs, especially small dogs. Dachshund Lover Jeff Clark wants dog owners to beware after losing his beloved red smooth 'Herman' over the weekend. The Conifer Veterinary Hospital is reporting a couple cases a week of suspected mushroom poisoning.

Clark said on Saturday evening he noticed Herman was salivating a lot. The dog threw up his dinner and seemed lethargic. A few hours later he seemed to be feeling better and fell asleep. The Clark's say when they checked on Herman at 4 a.m. he was dead.
"It broke our heart. It has been a very tough couple of days," he said.

Don't miss the photos and article at 9NEWS. There are lots of tips which could save your Dachshund's life. Our hearts go out to Herman's family and friends. We thank Mr. Clark for getting the word out.

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