Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dachshunds in Pop Culture: Billy Fury

Who? Billy Fury (17 April 1940 - 28 January 1983), was an internationally successful British pop singer from the late 1950s to the early 1960s, and remained an active songwriter until the 1980s. An early British rock and roll (and film) star, he equalled The Beatles' record of 24 hits in the 1960s, and spent 332 weeks on the UK charts, without a chart-topping single or album. Allmusic journalist, Bruce Eder, states, "His mix of rough-hewn good looks and unassuming masculinity, coupled with an underlying vulnerability, all presented with a good voice and some serious musical talent, helped turn Fury into a major rock and roll star in short order". Rheumatic fever which he first contracted as a child, damaged his heart and ultimately contributed to his early death.
In 2003 a bronze statue of Fury was unveiled at the National Museum of Liverpool Life.
So, where's the Dachshund? Check out this excerpt from the American Dachshund magazine, January, 1969 (the excerpt most likely originates from a newspaper):

Fred is one of the longest - and most valuable dogs in London. One recent night she was confined to quarters and not permitted outdoors for any reason whatsoever. For lost somewhere in her sausage-dog body was a $600 engagement ring that pop star Billy Fury gave to his fiancee, Judith Hall. X-ray films revealed the diamond solitaire about halfway along the Dachshund's stomach, but progressing.
Fred - who is a female - swallowed the gem in a doggy dinner when Judith was feeding her during the weekend. Her meaty chunks, enriched with marrow-bone jelly, became even richer when the ring fell off into her dish.

Fury and Hall married in May, 1969, but the couple soon separated; maybe the Dachshund was trying to make a point.

Billy Fury and one of his beautiful songs - Once Upon A Dream

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