Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wirehair Wednesday: Rescue Edition!

Smiles!  If you live in the MidWest, and you're looking to add to your pack, you couldn't go wrong with this cute little black and tan piebald wirehair named 'Basil' currently being fostered by MidWest Dachshund Rescue.  A MWDR associate writes: 

Dear Joey and Maggie,

Last weekend MWDR got 9 young dogs from a St. Louis puppymill raid and this one is so cute she's hilarious. Meet Basil, a 6 month old piebald wirehaired puppy mill rescue who's a foster at Midwest Dachshund Rescue. She's got these loooong Groucho Marx eyebrows. You can tell her I called her funny-lookin', just don't call her late for dinner!

We don't see that Basil's photo is up yet on MWDR's site, but get your application in for Basil or one of the many beautiful and loving Dachshunds waiting for their forever home.


Lori said...

She sure is cute someone will be very lucky to adopt this little girl! She came in from a MO mill along with 8 other young doxies on there way to a better life now. Soon they will be posted on teh website. Check out for other fosters as well.

Anonymous said...

OMD she is soooooo cute. First time we see a piebald wirehair. Good luck little one in finding the perfect furever home. We are crossing our paws for u.
4 dachie rescues from Quebec, Canada

Theanne and Baron said...

OMGosh she is so cute! If I lived close by I'd certainly be tempted to adopt her! I believe Baron would fall in love! Hope she finds the perfect forever home!

Alison said...

Yes, Basil was on the Piebald Party rescue van bringing the little girls to freedom. Lots of young, sweet little furkids making their way into rescue these days. Dachshunds Rule!


ricardo said...

I´d add her to my pack of two, if I were in the sates, or there were a way to get her o Portugal!

Kim said...

Basil looks alot like Christel my double dapple piebald wirehair mini dachs who was rescued from a puppy mill 4+ years ago. I adopted her from HUA. She is the sweetest dog ever! My greatest joy is to see her enjoying her freedom and running happily around the yard. God Bless to all the rescuers!

cheyne923 said...

Please say that Basil is coming to the meet-up! So precious.
And I must say that this photo of Maggie is incredible--she really is beautiful. Is a shot of the handsome Joey coming up next?
Melinda and Jeeves

ISewNBake said...


Thanks so much for once again bringing attention to our rescue. Basil is indeed adorable and unfortunately, there are always more from where she came from.


Siver said...

i also have a rescue wirehair piebald black and tan doxie. i swear they are twins. to top it off, my grandfathers name was basil. i contacted MWDR but they are not will to let me adopt her because i am too far a away. very disappointed.

Jch said...

I would love to adopt her! How do I do it? What's the process?

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