Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dachshund 'Lola' Survives a Month in Burned-Out House


Thanks so much to Geraldine Larsen, Barb, and Lauren Boucher for sending in links to this fantastic and heart-warming story which will make your week! 
Meet pretty little dappled black and tan longhair 'Lola,' who set up residence in Boston's Hyde Park neighborhood.  Her house burned down on February 23rd, and it was thought that Lola perished in the fire or ran away.  Her human, Terisa Acevedo, spent several days after the fire posting flyers and searching the neighborhood for her sweet girl to no avail.  But on Monday of this week, she returned to the home only to hear Lola's scratching at the boarded-up front door! 
Lola is currently in the care of Angell Memorial Animal Hospital.  She is recovering well, and may come home as early as today! 
The over-joyed Miss Acevedo claimed:  “I’m never going to tell her no ever again. You want a treat? Here you go. You want to go out? Yes, sure. I’ll go out with you right now.”
Read more at CBS Boston.

The Boston Globe's Brian Ballou tells us the incredible story.

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docsdox said...

I saw this on the news this morning! What a brave little long-hair! Hopefully she'll recover without too much trouble.

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