Thursday, February 5, 2009

More Pitbull Trouble

You know, we're big supporters of the "blame the deed, not the breed" philosophy, but how much more of this can we take? Above, Bill Tweedie of Onancock, Virginia, holds his pet dachshund, 'Mimi,' at his home Wednesday. A wayward pit bull fatally mauled his other dachshund Tuesday on a busy town sidewalk while a crowd witnessed the attack.
Tweedie and his wife, Linda, said Mimi has been lost since her longtime companion died. “They are our babies,” she said.
Read about it at The Daily Times.


Bonnie said...

Bill and Mimi both look so sad. I've met some very loving pitbulls, but I don't doubt the breed is prone to attacks. Every time I hear of a dog attack in the news, it's a pit bull. It is a sad thing that they've been bred to fight, and I don't know the solution. I've never heard of a dachshund randomly attacking anyone. That story is horrifying.

cheyne923 said...

I'm sending good thoughts and energy out there to surviving families and missing dog, Dazzle too. I'm giving Jeeves an especially long hug today. Melinda

Ruby said...

That is so sad. Poor Mimi and her owner.
Where I live in Ontario, Canada we have a pitbull ban. People are allowed to keep there current dogs, but they have to be muzzled when out in public. Once these dogs are deceased there will be no more pitbulls.
Love Ruby

Matt said...

You should say, "blame the owner, not the breed". The reason you hear this about pitbulls is that some people get pitbulls because they want a mean dog, and then they either train it to be mean. Then they are idiots who forget they trained their dog to be mean, and stuff like this happens.

My dachshund socializes with two pitbulls, and they are as calm as can be. He even bit one on the nose once, she rolled him over, and that was it.

It's sad that the breed is criticized because of stupid owners. It's time to make people responsible again. These owners should have to pay a hefty fine for this, but instead they'll probably kill the poor pitbull who did nothing but do what his owner taught him or her.


P.J. said...

This is horrendous. And what makes me so angry is that the pit bull's owner probably couldn't care less. My heart goes out to them. It really makes me rethink taking my two doxies for a walk around the neighborhood!

Anonymous said...

Its the Owner not the Breed is most false statement when it comes to Pit Bulls. I've heard numerous stories how the pit bull was a sweet family pet and don't know why the dog attacked. I have first hand of a pit bull that had the perfect life and turn mean. Lucky that dog never hurt a person but did hurt a horse. I'm all for a World Ban on the Breed that is one animal we shouldn't save.

Haley said...

I am starting to get a little less sure about pitbulls. I'm not sure if it's the owner or the dog.

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