Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Exhausted Westminster Dachshunds

Well, the 133rd Westminster has come and gone, and the Dachshunds are rightly exhausted. Congratulations to America's new top dog, the Best in Show, 10-year-old 'Stump,' a Sussex Spaniel. What a nice surprise.....old dogs are beautiful too!
Above, black and tan longhair 'Harley,' relaxes backstage at Madison Square Garden with owner and handler Alex Davison. Photo source: Los Angeles Times.

It's interesting to note that Harley was just as exhausted after the 2008 Westminster, last year. Or maybe she's just always exhausted. We are.

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cheyne923 said...

Go Stump! Is it just me or are Sussex Spaniels "long and low" (kind of like the long haired doxie)? Melinda

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