Friday, February 6, 2009

Lone Dachshund Among 23 Abandoned Small Dogs Rescued

Small dogs are coming out of the woodwork all across the country. On January 24th in Boyne City, Michigan, 20 small dogs including dachshunds arrived at once to the Charlevoix Area Humane Society, after their owners were evicted from their homes in our troubling economy.
And above, this handsome red smooth is one of 23 small dogs found abandoned on the streets one night this week in Frederick, Maryland, in 12 degree temperatures. Excerpt from the Frederick News Post: Michael Bermudez was driving on Sundays Lane after midnight Thursday when he saw two small white dogs run in front of his vehicle.
With the temperature in the low teens and a brisk wind, he stopped to see if they would come to him or if they had collars. They didn't. He continued home.
After turning onto Bartgis Road, he saw at least 13 more run into the road.
"I've never seen that many dogs at once," he said. "I thought I was hallucinating."

As of 3:30 p.m. Thursday, Frederick County Animal Control officers corralled 23 dogs and all are thought to have been owned by the same person, said Harold Domer, Animal Control director.
One dog was found dead after it was hit by a car.

Read all about it, and see a video interview with the Animal Control director at the Frederick News Post. We're woofless.


curator said...

Thank goodness for one dachshund rescue - may they all (all kinds of dogs!) be safe eventually. What a heartbreaking state of things it is when people walk off and leave these poor creatures without even trying. Makes you wonder if that was how they approached everything.

Laramie said...

Major props to the man who stopped to help all of these dogs. So many people would just keep going, but he went back and tried to round up as many as he could and keep them warm. I hope he is somehow thanked for his actions.

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