Friday, February 13, 2009

Jessie Makes Appearance on 'The View'

Oh. My. Dog. Two days ago 'Jessie,' Westminster's Longhair Best in Breed, was on Good Day New York, and yesterday he was on The View! Apparently he lives in the condo right above Barbara Walters. You can watch the February 12th episode at abc, he's at the beginning of the show. We had to download something to watch it, but it didn't destroy our computer or anything. Thanks to our pals 'Milo' and 'Otis' for the tip!
Your Long and Short of it All hostess 'Maggie' has gone over the edge because of her major crush on Jessie. She's plastered posters of him all over her crate, isn't eating normally, and has become a little distant. Her littermate brother 'Joey' is obviously concerned.

See more pics of Jessie at his website. *SWOON*

1 comment:

Ruby said...

Do you think Jesse will be my valentine too. Will you share?Love Ruby

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