Tuesday, February 3, 2009

More Coyote Trouble

Our hearts go out to red smooth 'Maggie' and her human Sandra Baskins, who hail from Rhodesville, Alabama, for the loss of their dachshund family member 'Buster' to coyotes. Mrs. Baskins let her dogs out at about 6 PM, and they made it no further than the garage when the coyotes attacked and dragged away Buster.
"We have heard coyotes across the road and back in the woods for years, but I never thought they could come into our yard," Baskins said. "Coyotes are no longer a distant creature. They are right in our backyards. You think of coyotes sculking around at 2 or 3 in morning, not at 6 in the evening."
She said Maggie has been devastated by Buster's death. "They were bosom buddies. Everywhere one went, the other went. She misses Buster so much."
Read more at the Times Daily.

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Haley said...

Poor little buster. Rest in peace little boy.

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