Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Dachumercial Fail: "Dachshund Dog Breed Info"

Expectations of a riveting and knowledgeable Dachumercial are low when they misspell Dachshund in the opening title. Sigh.  New video by Pet360. 

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firstyouleap said...

Oh dear, Rowdy did you notice that when listing the types of coats, an English Creme longhair came up for wirehair?!?

crikey, they need to do their homework!

Comment on Yesterday's post--My father always said that a dog shouldn't be spayed until they have gone through at least one heat and were well into puberty. He felt it was best to get the 'proper hormonal balance' established before removing the equipment and having it go down.

That said, in rescue situations I can certainly see why getting dogs fixed early is better. Many people aren't as careful as you when it comes to watching ms bette and her beaus!

BTW, so very good to see you back on the blog:)

lots of love from Teagan and Melinda

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