Monday, August 5, 2013

A Note From Rowdy and Bette: The Summer of Love

We just wanted to pop in and let you know that yes, we ARE still alive and all is fine at The World Headquarters of 'The Long and Short of it All.'  We've appreciated all the notes and comments with concerns about our absence.
It's the Summer of Love, 2013.  Good Lord.  We've never experienced a doggie in heat in our entire lives, and hopefully, we'll never experience it again.  We'll spare you all the sordid details. but suffice to say that your busy new hostess 'Bette' most definitely did NOT like the little undergarments Dad tried to get her to wear.  She spun herself in circles trying to get it off until she nearly passed out.
All the neighborhood dogs are lining up on the sidewalk outside the fence, but Bette has both eyes set on our neighbor, 'Martini,' a tall handsome 11year-old chocolate smooth pharaoh hound-lab mix who lives next door.  And your host 'Rowdy' is simply beside himself over the rejection. 
We're waiting on Bette's spay until she's more fully grown.  It seems you don't want to spay or neuter too early, and definitely not too late -  it's a fine line - but we're going to wait until she's at least 12 months old or so for the procedure. 
We tend to think that many dogs are getting spayed and neutered too early these days - and sometimes with good reason, but please be sure and make an informed decision with your vet if you're in a similar predicament.  Here's an awesome recent study to investigate....

All of this of course leads us to this new video by youtuber y cozican - featuring what many consider to be the hottest song of the summer.  Turn up the volume and have a great Monday!  You know you want it.


Angels Amber and Max DaWeenie and Mom said...

So glad to see you back again. We've missed you and all the "Weenie Dog News". :)

Loved the video. That little guy is something else!


Christa taking dictation from Bruno said...

Hi, Carson & pups! 1. No pictures of Bette modelling her little undergarments?!? 2. That video is too too much -- awesome little guy and his big beautiful friend. Really nice post!

Alison said...

I was just wondering where you guys have been hiding. Glad to see you're all doing swell. Looking forward to seeing more of you!!!

Anonymous said...

Carson, Rowdy & Bette,

A GREAT day, for sure, from those of us here in the commonwealth of PA, diehard fans of The Long and Short of it All. Your post today created a bit of a Dachshund rights issue, though!

You see our vet for the PA Piebalds, Maggie, Melly and Max, recommended that the 'girls' be spayed before their first heat. Now your study has called that into question, & Maggie & Melly are starting to wonder what they missed out on. On the other hand, we don't even use the 'n' word ('neutered') around Max. He still thinks he went to sleep a someone shaved his stomach as a joke!

Truly great news that you are all well. We look forward to more from TLASOIA when conditions allow a return to normalcy. And from the peanut gallery in PA, Maggie & Melly think Rowdy is the cats meow!!

Peace & Love,
Cinnamon's Humans and the PA Piebald's: Maggie, Max & Melly

Anonymous said...

Dear Carson and crew,
So glad to hear from you. The video with song was a hoot. I had a Siberian female who acted like the doxie in the video. She had eyes for everyone except her own breed!!! Try dealing with that when she is your breed dog! What a laugh. Hope to hear more from you and often.
Tinker, Windy, Gretel and the new one Liesel! Oh, and mom too.

kalyxcorn said...

it is so good to hear from you my friends! i just saw a pup who was neutered and he was like only 11 weeks old or so. crazy early!

Heidi + Gretchen's Dad said...

Welcome back. It's a great day.

Trinket's mom said...

Hi Carson, Bette and Rowdy,

It is so good to see you all again!

Trinket would like to reassure Bette that she is not missing a thing by staying away from the boys and what they'd like to do to her while she's in heat. Trink was not so lucky to have a good parent when she was in heat as a pup. She got pregnant and had a litter of puppies while she was still a teenager. Fortunately, some folks from the humane society rescued her and her pups from the hoarder that had them. A few weeks later, Trinket joined our family.

dachseeguy said...

Carson, you are such an amazing dachsie dad putting up with heat to make sure Bette is not spayed too early. It must have been dachsie vibrations checking today and seeing this. Looking forward to seeing you all at the next meetup. John & Ozzie

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Definately missed you guys!

Anonymous said...

So glad you're back!!!

Anonymous said...

so glad to see you back! Missed the gang!

doxieshar said...

Life is good. Sawyer and Abby are returning home after 5 months in foster care and Carson is back with Rowdy and Bette!

Anonymous said...

Oh soooo happy. Glad you guys are alright !! After 6 years you deserved a long break. Everyone was just so worried something had happened. You are so much a part of our day. Thanks you for all you do.

Maybe Bette's unmentionables weren't the right color. I mean black or red is so sexy. Must have been fun to go on a walk. Maybe you couldn't even do that. Where do all those dogs come from.

Anyway- so very glad all is well. Happy happy joy joy.


Anonymous said...

Good idea. I had my little girl spayed at 5-6 months old (which was considered a Good Idea back in those days (1994-1995) and I think it was a mistake. It stunted her growth and gave her a very masculine , domineering personality. Which was cute in an 8 lb dog, but still....Our next lady dachshund was a 5 year old rescue, and she had to be spayed by us. She has a much sweeter disposition than her dead "sister".

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