Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The £1,500 Dachshund Stairlift

We gotta tell ya, we thought WE were living the dream with our $25 stool at the side of the couch that we use when Dad rarely lets us up there, but THIS really takes the cake.  A £1,500 stairlift just for Dachshunds?  Wow.  Thanks to our friend Mrs. Drummond for sending the link to The Daily Mail, here's an excerpt:

Climbing the stairs can often become a struggle as you get older – even when you have four legs. But it is no longer a problem for these three dachshunds after their owners bought them a £1,500 stairlift. Sheila and Harry Lee installed the lift after one of the dogs, six-year-old Pippa, had to undergo a £5,000 operation on her spine.
They had been concerned about Pippa and their other dachshunds – Millie, seven, and Heidi six – straining their low-slung bodies as they negotiated the stairs to their beds. ‘We saw an advertisement for the stairlift and thought “Why not?”,’ Mrs Lee, 57, of Ossett, West Yorkshire, said yesterday.

Read more and see more fun photos at The Daily Mail. 


Anonymous said...

love of dachshunds has no bounds :D

PAdoxiegirl said...

Totally adorable!!

Trinket's mom said...

I need to show this to my middle daughter. She was joking about stairlifts when we were talking about the two storey house that her sister and brother-in-law just bought. The lift really will be easier on those doxie backs so I don't see why not.

Amy said...

LOL!! I love it.

Now asking hubby to make my two mini's a ramp for the couch will be easy! Thanks ;)

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Too funny!

CaninesCouture said...

teheheheheh This is just too cute. My heart is melting. I need one for my Smoosh!


Jules of Canines & Couture

Serena said...

That is brilliant! Love it. They look so adorable. I think that photo will have put the idea into a lot of people's heads, especially for older dogs.

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