Saturday, April 6, 2013

Something's Stinky

Thanks to the Slovenian Princess 'Lea' for writing in with the latest 'Drabble!'  She pens:

Dear Rowdy and Bette,
Congrats on you new family member!
I think it’s time for Bette to meet Wallie.
Kisses to all from Slovenia
Read more Drabble at GoComics or keep up with Wally at his blog.
Did you know that yes, Drabble cartoonist Kevin Fagan does indeed have his own Wiener Dog?  Thanks to our friend Jerry for sending in the link where you can see a photo of the studio watchdog:  The Cartoonist Studio
We have it on good authority that her name is 'Lucy!'


Anonymous said...

<3 Wally (and the human he owns) :D

happy Saturday to you, Rowdy and Better from me and Baron (the wunderhunder)

Anonymous said...

well Bette is better...but I did mean BETTE :D

Kerri said...

A belated welcome to Bette! I'm sure she has the whole family wrapped around her not-so-little paw and with that constant pouting face, will always, always, always get what she wants.

Btw, those on FB can follow "Drabble" there, too:

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