Friday, April 26, 2013

Do The Dachs Dance

Thank Dog It's Friday, because now we can sing.  Here's a fun little ditty from the 2013 kids' movie Curious George Swings Into Spring.  Turn up the volume and have a great day!

Thanks so much to 'Hedwig' and 'Schatzi,' who hail all the way from beautiful Sacramento, California for sending this in!


Tânia B. said...

What an awesome video! I love it! I'm sharing it with all my friends right now! (and my short and long baby boy is called Schatzi too! :D)

Anonymous said...

I thought Baron would wake up and do the Dachs Dance...but no he's still asleep here beside me :D

Trinket's mom said...

That's why weiners are number one!

They lyricist for this song must be a dachshundist. Our doxies have some common characteristics, but, man, they really have their own individual personalities.

Trinket, btw, loves this song. She was playing and licking me with her tail wagging the whole time.

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