Tuesday, May 22, 2012

WEE-ners against NATO

It's been total chaos in Chicago, the world headquarters of The Long and Short of it All, over the last four days with the NATO summit and all of its protesters here.  We couldn't be happier now that it's over. 
But this red smooth wanted to make sure her bark was heard at Saturday's Cross-Town Bark Around Fundraiser sponsored by MidWest Dachshund Rescue.  And it was - she won the costume contest as judged by WGN radio personality John Williams. 
We had an awesome time at this year's event - there were over 1,400 humans in attendance and heaven knows how many Dachshunds - easily over 400.  Fifty volunteers kept the event running smoothly.  We're hoping lots of hard cash was raised to help the needy Dachshunds that come into rescue.

See 125 super photos from the event by Jill Wait Pet Photography on Facebook.


Alison said...

Being in the 90's Saturday, I can say with some certainty that was one hot dog! Oh to turn in my volunteer badge for an admission ticket. The pictures really do say a thousand words. It looked like such a good time was had by all. Sheer wienermonium!

Anonymous said...



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