Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lola Finds Her Forever Home!

Pitched puppy adopted:


We're sure that you remember the story of 'Lola,' the puppy who was thrown over a third-story balcony a few weeks ago.  Well, great news:  she has recovered and has found a new forever home!  Our roving reporters 'Teenie' and 'Bowser' write:

Dear Joey and Rowdy,

We just wanted to send you this update on Lola, the dachshund puppy from Alabama that was thrown from a third floor balcony. She's doing great and getting new parents! Here's a link to her story:  Lola, puppy thrown from balcony, has a new home.  It's always nice to hear a happy ending. Love to read your blog.

Roving reporters Teenie and Bowser relaxing at home

1 comment:

Eliza57 said...

Whatever Lola wants! Lola gets from this day forward! Talk about making an entrance! Not even the great Gwen Verdon made a 3 story leap onto the Broadway stage! Wow! Congratulations! Long may you wag! Happy tails, dear one! xo

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