Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Psychic German Sausage Dog Predicts Bayern FC Win

Good Gosh, we LOVE the mustache.  What is it with Germans and their psychic animals? First it was Paul the Octopus who correctly picked world cup winning results, now it is a German sausage dog called 'Sissi' who has nosed out a prediction that Bayern Munich would win last weekend's Champion league final against Chelsea.  Video by IBTimesUK.

But better luck next time, Sissi:  Chelsea's British defender John Terry celebrates the Chelsea win with teammates after the UEFA Champions League final football match between FC Bayern Muenchen and Chelsea FC on May 19, 2012 at the Fussball Arena stadium in Munich.


curator said...

Sure, why not? I hope the team gave him a nice treat when they won!

Christa said...

Silly sausage -- of course his prediction was wrong. It was a really exciting game decided in shootout. Carson, you're scoring big today with MY paraphernalia in one article and MY favorite sport in the next! You, Rowdy, and Joey rock more than ever...

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