Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Note From Joey and Rowdy: Please Stand By

Your Long and Short of it All hosts, 'Joey,' and 'Rowdy'

Dear Gentle Readers,

We're going on vacation for a few days to visit our Grandma and Grandpa, but we'll be back in about a week.   We can't wait to play with our Dachshund cousin 'Rudy,' and his new brother 'Baxter,' who is not a Dachshund, but a young pup who will play with Rowdy the way he wishes Joey would play and wrestle with him - for hours and hours on end until their tongues are dragging the floor and they finally pass out cold from exhaustion. 

Enjoy the Long and Short of it All archives while we're gone, and make sure and give your Mommas a BIG WET SLURPY KISS for Mother's Day.  They deserve it.

Yours in Dachshund Love,
Joey and Rowdy.....


Eliza57 said...

"Bone" voyage! Safe journey to you all and look forward to your return!
All the best,
Gigi Marie Louise :)

Amy said...

Have a wonderful time with Rudy :)

RP said...

Have a great vacation, guys! We only recently discovered your wonderful blog and will definitely take this time to explore the Archives!

Turbo and Lily said...

A vacation at grandma's house???You lucky dogs! Make sure you give her 'the look' at the dinner table. Works on our grandma every time!

Anonymous said...

Q. How do we send you links, articles etc.
Mrs. Perplexed

Anonymous said...

Hope u brought back lots and lots of video!!


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