Thursday, April 5, 2012

Those Special Dachshund Mixes: Meet Giles!

And what a BIG beautiful boy he is!  Wow!  Thanks so much to Dan Marshall for writing in about the big love of his life:  a Dachshund/Great Dane mix - yes, let's repeat that - a Dachshund/Great Dane mix who goes by the name of Giles!  He writes:

Dear Joey and Rowdy,

I was bored and doing some google searching, seeing if I could find other dogs like mine. I have a 1.5 year old dachshund (father) / great dane (mother) mix that looks almost identical to Garnet, the dog you posted about here:  When A Dachshund Met A Dane....

I was wondering if you had any information about whether or not Garnet got adopted? I'd be curious to share info with her new parents!

Here are some pics of my guy, just so you can see how adorable he is ;) He's super friendly with people and other dogs!

His name is Rupert Giles (goes by Giles).

Unfortunately we have no idea if Garnet was adopted.  But we tend to think that a beautiful girl like her was snapped up pretty quickly!



Anonymous said...

that's quite a combination...what a handsome guy Giles saying, Baron abstained! But he does send Giles a friendly "woof"

curator said...

Oh my GOSH! What a fine and unusual dog! I bet his owners are super proud of him!

keena said...

I actually adopted Garnet around the beginning of January. Her new name is River Song. She had a wire dachshund brother and pug sister. She is a great dog. I'm so glad I drove over 4 hours each way (from Fort Worth to San Antonio) to adopt her. After getting to know River and seeing her in person, I (and the vet) think that River is actually 1/2 Basset hound/ 1/2 Plott hound rather than dachshund/Great Dane mix. Giles looks like a cutie pie too!

Jayne D. and AnnieBelle said...

Wow - what an interesting combo !! He is a very handsome fellow indeed !! Kind regards, Jayne and Annie

BethAnn said...

Hi, I've been researching the Dane/Basset mix for about 2 weeks now as there was an accidental litter from a friend...they've offered me one when the pups are old enough...and I'm about 90% ready to take them up on this. They've sent me pics of all 10 and I have 2 Dane faces I'm in love with and one with "Mr. Spock"
(Dane-ish) ears that's (so far) my true puppy-love...but I'm going to have to wait to meet them & see who's the real one for me.
I can't wait to see what they're going to look like either!
I'm also thinking of this new furbaby in a second see, I'm a Forensic Anthropology major and we need a cadaver dog...but I really don't know if a Dane Basset would work. And by the way...what *DO* you call this mix?
Can't wait to meet more...Bane? Dasset? owners!!!!!

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