Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Reunited And It Feels So Good


Caleb Doughty, 9, cuddles with his Dachshund-mix Sky last Tuesday when she was found after she’d been missing 25 days. Sky’s crate was smashed when the Doughty’s Canebrake, Alabama home was struck by a March 2 tornado and Sky was either carried away by the storm or ran in panic.  Excerpt from The News Courier:

The 6-year-old dachshund-mix with one brown eye and one blue one had been adopted from the shelter Peace, Love & Animals.
“She’s my sister,” Caleb said. The 9-year-old home-schooled student considers the pets his siblings.
The family, as well as volunteers from Canebrake subdivision, immediately began searching the neighborhood and nearby woods.
They posted signs and placed notices on the Facebook page of the Canebrake Club.
Everyone wanted to help reunite the family with its pet. Someone with Animal Control donated humane traps, which capture a pet without harming it, and construction workers who were repairing damaged homes in the area set out dog treats in hopes of luring Sky.
Flo would receive calls of “Sky sightings,” with the farthest about a mile from the home. After a sighting at Hole 5 on the golf course, several men in golf carts met Flo to aid in a search. “They said, ‘We came to help you find your dog,’” Flo said. “The community was so nice.”
Then, she heard Sky was seen on a nearby street and set a trap in the garage of a home on the street behind her home.
The next morning, 25 days after the tornadoes, construction workers found Sky, tail wagging, inside the crate. 
The family drove over from the apartment in Madison where they are living until their home is repaired.
“We were just astonished,” Caleb said.
 Flo said, “We let Sky sleep with us that first night and she snored all night. She was so tired from her adventure.”
“I prayed and prayed, hoping the persistence would pay off,” Flo said, citing the Biblical parable of the persistent widow.

Welcome Home Sky!


Ann said...

Wow! She was one lucky dog. I can just see her standing in that trap, wagging her tail. That was a great idea.

Ann Lawson

Alicia said...

This neighborhood is not very far from us, and we were so happy when Sky was found and returned to her family! We've got a lot of good hearted people over here in East Limestone County, and pulling together after tornado damage has become quite common. A very happy end to the Sky saga indeed!

Jayne D. and AnneBelle said...

"Yes, Virginia,there is a Santa Claus !" Who among us doesn't like a happy ending ? Kindly, Jayne and Annie

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