Wednesday, April 4, 2012

One More Shot

No Fun for Fagged Photographer

The indoor benched show was crowded and noisy.  The day had been long, and the squawk box had summoned California dog photographer Joan Ludwig about as many times as a girl could take it.  And now Miss Ludwig was trying to help an owner pose his Dachshund puppy.
"No,  no,  NO!"  cried Miss Ludwig.  "Don't crouch behind your dog.  Stand up and look as natural as you can.  But first take off that coat.  You're showing a black dog, so you had to wear a black coat, huh?"
Then, under her breath, "These people!"
"No,  DON'T take your hands off her, Keep her head UP.  Remember, the neck must rise straight out of the shoulders and the nose must point straight forward.....Now - the farther rear foot - it's too far back.  the dog must rest easily on his four feet.  Now listen!  Never mind telling me why you can't.  Just DO it....There.  Good.  Now...."
"Oh-h-h."  The sound began high and dwindled down to nothing.  "Oh, WHY did you let her - the instant I was going to take it!  Yes, of course I was going to throw the catalog.  No, not at you.  I was going to throw the catalog to catch the dog's eye and make her look alert.  You just never mind what I'M doing.  You keep doing what I tell you to do."
"O.K.  Now her front foot on this side.  Move it - back, BACK."
"BACK.  Not forward!  There.  Now, now, maybe - there!  I GOT it."
"It was good, too.  Good - but not great."

Via the May, 1961 issue of the American Dachshund magazine.  Photo is unrelated, but is from the same issue, and details Robert Groff's 8 1/2# smooth miniature Lo-Dach's Wee Cover Girl-M, who took Winners Bitch and 5 points in the NCDC Specialty.


Anonymous said...

sorry to hijack the comments but another dog has died from those waggin' train chinese chicken treats. I am beside myself. Costco wrote this in response to my inquiry and it is utterly inadequate:

Our product comes from a Canadian government inspected and approved facility in China. We have carried Waggin Train brand for many years without incident and are aware there was some recent press in the US citing potential issues with chicken tenders produced in China, however, claims have not been substantiated/proven and specific brands were not cited. There is no recall on product carried at Costco, vets strongly recommend that owners only feed their dogs chicken tenders as a treat (that is the indicated use) versus a source of food. Pet owners who over feed their dog, could potentially cause health issues for their pet.

If you have any further inquiries, please reply to this e-mail or call our member service agents at 1-800-463-3783, Monday to Friday, between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. EST. They will be happy to assist you.

Member Service

Costco Wholesale

Can you repost that article about the treats or put it in its own category so it stands out? I am so worried about new pet owners who may not know about this. It needs more attention!

Teri Q said...

I feel equally as bad as Anonymous about "hijacking the comments", but I couldn't find a way to email you all this article.,,20583914,00.html?xid=icanhas

An adorable log haired doxie baby has been rescued in Alabama after the owner threw her from a balcony. She's recovering greatly and I'm super tempted to adopt her when I drive through Alabama next month! I'm sure she'll find a fantastic forever home by then.

Rowdy and Bette said...

Thanks Anonymous - we have already feautured a story about the chicken strips, so not sure what else we can do at this point. Went to Costco last weekend, and didn't see them there like usual, maybe they have been removed from some stores?
And Teri Q - thanks - we featured Lola just a few stories down!

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