Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Is It Or Isn't It A Dachshund On The New Yorker?

Thanks to several of our friends for sending in a scan of the April 30, 2012 cover of The New Yorker magazine.  Some of our friends say it's a Dachshund, some of our friends say no way.  Generally when faced with such a dilemma, we go by the old adage:  If you have to ask yourself if it's a Dachshund, then it's probably not. 

We'll settle for Dachshund mix on this one.  And how hilarious is this cover?


Anonymous said...

Looks to be a black lab mix. Come on.... Dachshunds are way more cute than that. But we agree, this cover is cool.

Anonymous said...

On second look I came to same conclusion as anonymous. Clever though.


serena and the Nomistakin' Dachshunds said...

Can't be. Dachshunds don't give up ANY of their stuff!

Eliza57 said...

Ahem! Having had a Molly Otter Von Wiener that hid absolutely all of her "treasures" under the bed for all of her 14 years - she would never have sold one of them! So this Cover Page is someone who may think they know dachshunds but they don't know their true hunter/gatherer nature! :)

Tootsie said...

I love this! And I LOVE your new banner. It really makes me wag.

Anonymous said...

with that collection of "objects d'art" and that long nose, I'm going to vote...Badger Hound! And Baron sends an affirmative "woof" too (and since it takes one to know one...he should know)!

Anonymous said...

BTW Baron WOULD sell his collection for the "right" kind of "chewy bone"! Yes he would!!! I didn't get his approval for that statement, so no "woofs" to follow! ;-)

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