Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Firefighters Rescue Dachshund Stuck in Tree in Cemetery

We couldn't make this one up if we tried!  We've all heard of firefighters rescuing cats from trees, but have you ever heard of a dog needing rescue from a tree, much less a Dachshund?  Well, meet red longhair 'Cappy,' a pretty rescue-girl who hails from Beaufort, South Carolina.  Cappy went missing about 6 PM Sunday, and her human, Mimi Austin, asked for help finding her on facebook.  So, her friends joined in the search at about 12:30 in the morning.  Excerpt from The Island Packet:

They went straight to the cemetery, which is close to Austin's house.
Flashlights in hand, the women searched until they thought they heard barking in the back of the cemetery.
"We rushed to where we thought we heard it, and we traced it to this big oak tree with major brush around it," she said. "Once we got to the tree, the barking stopped."
Austin was on her porch and came rushing over at the familiar sound of Cappy's bark. Thinking her dog was caught in the brush, she started cutting some of it away with clippers.
The women started getting frustrated with searching in the dark, when two Beaufort police officers stopped by to see what three women, a dog and a car were doing in the rear of the cemetery, Mrs. Austin's friend Kim Bonturi said. One officer shone his light up in the tree and spotted the dog.
The dachshund had climbed up 12 feet in the tree, out of reach of the women and officers even with Bonturi's eight-foot ladder.
The women had to wait about 45 minutes until firefighters Vezin and David Evans, who had been out on a medical call, arrived with a ladder.
"She was just happy to be in her mom's arms," Bonturi said of the dachshund.
Cappy seemed to be fine, Beaufort/Port Royal Fire Department spokesman John

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Robinson said.
The dog lapped up an entire bowl of water when she got home, said Bonturi, who works with Chain Free Beaufort, a nonprofit dedicated to helping animals.

A Plea For Help

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Gwen said...

So nice to have a happy ending. My 2 Doxies try to climb trees to catch squirrels, but never make it.
LOVE the picture of Maggie.

Gwen Smith

Hummingbird K said...

i cant find where to email you guys, Dita went on her facebook today and announced her sweet Eva passed on. Thought you guys would like to know :((


Anonymous said...

Carson, just wanted to say "what a lovely tribute to your Maggie by putting her picture up on blog and she is the first thing we see". She is always with us and never forgotten.
Your 4 Quebec teckels.

Bicontinental Dachshund said...

Thank goodness Cappy made it back home to her mom!

Thanks so much for your kind words. I feel a lot better now, but please keep me in your thoughts because I get my test results tomorrow. Please keep your paws crossed.

Keep on wagging,

Carl Belken said...

I've said this before on other blogs. I think somebody pulled a trick on this dogs owners. I think somebody put that dog up in that tree. I know that dachshunds can do amazing things. I've witnessed it with my own Doxie. But in this case they had to cut brush away from the tree before they could get in to rescue the dog.

I am glad Cappy got back to her owners. If it had not been for them searching diligently this story may have had a different ending.

Karen said...

Oh my! That's quite impressive tree climbing ability. Those little legs pack a lot of power. Glad Cappy was found. :)

Christa said...

I'm baffled, amazed, happy all at once. A tree-climbing doxie. Now I *have* heard it all. (Don't tell Bruno cuz he'll try!!!)

Anonymous said...

I have one. My puppy is so adorable. You can see my dog in youtube.

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