Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wirehair Wednesday: Who You Gonna Call?

Pauline Eggers holds her dog Braylee, after the wirehaired Dachshund found a coyote skin she had put out for demonstration purposes.

You're a hunter.  You live near Syracuse, New York.  You've wounded a deer and can't seem to find it.  Who you gonna call?  Braylee, that's who!   Excerpt from

When Paulene Eggers takes her dog, Braylee, for a walk in the woods this time of year they’re usually on a mission.
Eggers, a Syracuse Police officer of 25 years, recently joined a non-profit organization called Deer Search, Inc., which is a volunteer group that uses tracking dogs to find wounded game during the hunting season.
"I’m absolutely addicted," Eggers said. "It’s challenging and rewarding and sometimes you’ll get a young person who’s just started off hunting, and then they’re just thrilled to death when you find the deer for them."
Eggers interest in tracking wounded game began in 2009 when a friend gave her a 11-week-old, wirehaired dachshund for Christmas, which she named Braylee. The dogs, originally bred in Germany, are great tracking dogs. She also received a book written by John Jeanneney called "Tracking Dogs for Finding Wounded Deer."
Eggers read the book and used it to train Braylee. Last spring, she attended a Deer Search competition in Campbell, N.Y. and became so enthralled with the group she joined soon after. She then set about getting Braylee certified as a tracking dog.
"It is an extremely challenging course for certification," Eggers said. "It’s an 1,000-yard course with three, 90-degree turns and the deer blood has been laid out 24 hours in advance, but she did fantastic."

Read more about Braylee and tracking dogs at


Anonymous said...

Well done Braylee and Pauline!

Anonymous said...

Love it!! Happy hunting, Braylee!
Melinda in McLean

Keren Hening said...

You know, Braylee should look into qualifying for the designation of Teckel, which is a blood scenting award earned y German dachshunds, called Dackel in Germany.

Anonymous said...

I hope Braylee wears an orange reflective halter as he could be mistaken for small game at the end of that 30 foot leash.

anickluvsdogs said...
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anickluvsdogs said...

Oops! Here is the correct link...

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