Monday, December 5, 2011

Adele Goes Shopping For Her Lucky Boy Louis

There's no doubt in our minds that pop singer Adele's red smooth boy 'Louis' will be having a wonderful holiday after his mom picked up a few goodies in New York at Trixie + Peanut.  Via Teddy Hilton:

Adele was spotted shopping at the designer pet boutique Trixie + Peanut.
While there, she bought a whole bunch of designer toys like Grrrona Beer, an ibone, Chewy Vuitton and a sniffany and co. box.
So funny.
She even ended up buying antlers and a yarmulke for her pet pooch.
What a nice dog mama.


Anonymous said...

Baron wouldn't know what to do with designer toys!

Anonymous said...

Being owned by 4, I couldn't afford designer toys. LOL I used to buy them at pet shops at 17.00 Canadian plus tax, and 5 minutes later they were totally de-squeeked and de-stuffed. Now I got smart, I buy them at the $1.00 store at about 2.50 Can. each so I come home with a bag full of squeekys and not be discouraged that they are totalled in 5 minutes. LOL They love the mini tennis balls from the store too cause they can fit in their mouth and they bounce them on floor. But, ya gotta love em!!!

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