Saturday, December 31, 2011

Penny Lane: The Fastest Wiener In The West!

We couldn't end the year here at The Long and Short of it All without sending out a huge congratulations to Penny Lane, the Fastest Wiener in the West!  The California native took the 14th Annual Wienerschnitzel Wiener National Finals on Wednesday in San Diego before the Big Bay Balloon Parade.  According to The Albuquerque Journal, over 3,500 Dachshunds competed nationally in various Wienerschnitzel races, with the top seven racing in Wednesday's Final.  We first met Ms. Lane when she took the Los Alamitos race in July.  Way to go Penny, and congratulations to all the Dachshunds who made the finals.  Woof, WOOF!!

Video by youtuber jasonfreakinbang.

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Penny Lane Racing said...

Thank you for posting the video of my little girl Penny Lane. It was very exciting!! The 2 days in San Diego with the Wienerschnitzel people was so fun. They threw a great party for the seven finalists and they presented us with a giant check on the field at the holiday bowl football game! Thank you Wienerschnitzel for the great time and thank you everybody that was cheering for Penny Lane!

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