Friday, December 2, 2011

Katie's "Retirement Plan" - Busted!

Katie Elizabeth surveys her stash of chew bones that she had been hoarding under her owners' bed. 
Like many good folks around the country and the world, red smooth Katie's retirement stash isn't worth much anymore now that it has been discovered and reduced to nothing.  Poor Katie and all her hard work.  Via the Omaha World Herald out of Omaha, Nebraska:
Katie Elizabeth did a bone-headed thing and got caught.
The dachshund smuggled her chew "bones" — rolled rawhide strips — one at a time, to a secret spot under owners Neil and Judy Whetstone's bed. One day the stash toppled. That was the day a barefoot Judy bumped the sharp object near the edge of her bed.
Whetstone said when she stooped for a closer look, she discovered a stash of chew bones, some of them so far under the bed they had to be raked into the open.
The Whetstones pulled out one, then two, and then dozens. The Columbus, Neb., couple counted nearly 100 bones.
Katie's "K-9 401k," as the Whetstones called it, filled a grocery sack.
Katie watched, looking worried. She seemed to know the dig was up.
The 8-year-old dachshund with a prematurely gray muzzle gave a sniff that might have been mistaken for taking inventory.
Then she did the oddest thing, Judy Whetstone said.
She stopped hoarding rawhide bones, cold turkey. She may have given up her hoarding habit altogether. Or is there a stash of something else waiting to be found?


Anonymous said...

I dun know, I think maybe there's a stash somewhere else! Sweet Katie Elizabeth! It's interesting 'cause Baron eats his as fast as he stashes!

Angels Amber and Max DaWeenie and Mom said...

Must be a Doxie trait to hoard chew bones. Our sweet Ginger (RIP) used to do the same thing. Only she would hide hers under the sofa cushions.

Alicia said...

I'm sorry, but I have to wonder about people who don't clean up enough to realize that there were almost 100 rawhides under their bed. Really?!

Anonymous said...

We thinks that stash is a de-coy!! Woof,

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