Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wholesome Dachshunds Reside in City of Sin

If you're heading to Thailand, specifically Bangkok's notorious Nana sex district, and need a wholesome place to stay, look no further than the bronze Dachshunds.  They will greet you at the Atlanta Hotel which proudly proclaims itself a "bastion of wholesome tourism."  Excerpt from Central Queensland News:

But don't assume all these rules add up to no fun at this hotel, which was founded in 1954 as the premises of the Atlanta Chemical Company by German chemical engineer Dr Max Henn.
Though it looks like a dull, low-rise concrete block from the outside, the minute you step through its front doors you're transported back in time. The Atlanta has been preserved in all its former glory.
The foyer, cool and dark, has retained its 1950s style complete with Art Deco features, including a writing room and library, old telephones, terrazzo floor and two magnificent bronze Dachshunds.

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curator said...

I can well imagine doxies are good guardians of wholesomeness!

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