Thursday, August 25, 2011

141 Dachshunds

We're sure that you remember Dachshund U.N., a travelling performance and architectural installation by Bennett Miller in 2010, which made its way around Australia and featured a U.N. replica with Dachshunds as delegates!   The project was also made into a 12-minute short film by director Sambodhi Field, which is now making the rounds at some film festivals.  Keep up with the film on facebook. 
Here's a short trailer. 
We covered the project extensively in the archives, but the search function isn't working too well at the moment.  Best bet is to click here for an Australia search and weed through the posts if you're so inclined.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, my two year old red shorthair mini Molly and I took part in the Dachshund UN in Perth, Western Australia, we had a great time, our club is LongDogs WA, check out our newsletter.
Molly is member 133

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