Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pothead Doxie

Thanks so much to Grace Liesa for sending in this vibrant photo and fun story!  She writes:

Hi Joey and Maggie,

We stuck around in the kitchen after dinner last night to help Mom clean up, like the good little gentlemen that we are. Mom made split pea soup, and we'll tell you that was some heavenly scent! But when Mom set the almost empty (I'd say 'almost' because there's a lot of goodies stuck in there still) pot down, our brother Chopper, being the well- rounded little boy that he was, stuck his head in the pot, and this pot rolled to it's side all by itself! Boy that scared us; the other brothers; BP and Colt, to death! So we decided to just watch from a safe distance as our brother let this loud, haunted pot, eat him alive. So much for the heavenly bacon and ham in the soup. Mom has our raw game hen thawing out in the fridge anyway, that will keep us busy for a while. Have a nice holiday Joey and Maggie! Doxie hugs and kisses from Chopper, BP, and Colt.

Mmmmmm....did you say raw game hen?  Can we come over for dinner?


Linda and the critters said...

Seems like there's always a doxie never too scared of any noises to get at that food! Way too cute!

Christa said...

To Grace, Carson, and all other doxie people -- you know what BP and Colt don't yet -- if there are mere *molecules* of food on a plate, a floor tile, a sweater or a beard, a doxie will seek them out and dispatch them! Great work, Chopper! Who needs a postscrubber dishwasher when they have you? Happy holidays

holykowkirby said...

That's what I call a "Dox Washer" set on the pot scrubber setting! ;)

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