Friday, December 18, 2009

Dachshunds in Art: Jane and Fritz by John Schultz

jane and fritz 1

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Jane and fritz at war

Woof, WOOF!  To say that we are impressed would be an understatement - these are fantastic!  Oscar Schultz of Virginia Beach, Virginia writes:

Dear Joey and Maggie,

My human is John Schultz and he's sent in pictures of me before.

John is a photographer and loves to recreate "Retro-Era" drawings, photos, and paintings with his photography.

He searhed high and low for JUST the right HUMAN to put in the Fritz and Jane pictures and finally he found one!

I barked and barked until he sent these to you! I had a great time with Chanel (the human model) but my favorite thing was the white fur rug she was laying on. I've since claimed it as MINE! I love being warm!

My human and I encourage you to keep up with your BLOG - we check it every day!

Where IS my ball anyway?! I think my human hides it..........

John and Oscar Schultz

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Anonymous said...

These photos are spectacular!!!

Linda and the Critters said...

Nice work. I love pinups especially with doxies! A lost art form for sure.

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