Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Help In Tough Times: Innovative Program Helps Family Keep Dachshund

There's little doubt that times are tough, and families are being forced to surrender their pets at an alarming rate.  But at the SPCA in Placer County, California, there's a solution:  the SOS program.  The newer program offers humans in need a one-time, no-interest loan or gift of up to $500 for rental deposits, veterinary bills and other expenses that otherwise would have forced them to give up their pets.
Above, red smooth 'Princess Juliet' had to be surrendered after her human, Lauren Annan, lost her job and needed $500 for a pet deposit at her apartment.  Then, a few weeks later, she was called and informed about the new program, and qualified for the aid so she could keep her Princess.
 "I went to get her, and she was thrilled," Annan recalled. "I got her in the car and she howled and barked and licked my face." When Annan's children returned home from school, she surprised them with Princess.

Well welcome home Princess!  Read more about the SOS program at The Sacramento Bee.

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