Thursday, April 2, 2009

Florida Dachshund Mauled by Pit Bull Mix

Meet little red smooth 'Lizzie' and her human Jane Van Lengen of Tamarac, Florida. What makes this story more troubling than most of the "dachshund attacked by pit bull" stories is that Ms. Van Lengen was carrying Lizzie in her arms on Tuesday when the pit bull mix tore her away and then tore open her belly. The pit bull mix did the same thing to a pug being carried by a 9-year-old girl back in December, although that pug was not seriously injured. The pit bull mix has been surrendered to authorities. Lizzie isn't out of hot water and is still recovering.
Read more at the Sun Sentinel. Watch a troubling video at CBS4. Get well soon, Lizzie.

In an unrelated story, three dachshunds: 'Speckles,' 'Peanuts,' and 'Pupperoo,' escaped their Brooksville, Florida, home on Monday and attacked a 10-year-old girl and her two pitbulls. "One dachshund nipped (the girl's) right leg in the back right above the ankle. (The girl) stated that the pit bulls did nothing but look at the three dachshunds." Read more at ABC Action News.

Time to call the Dog Whisperer.


jakes mom said...

Thank you

max1604 said...

does anyone know if Lizzie the Dachshund is ok I really would love to know. A Dachshund owner in Virginia

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